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EU-Bioenergies: Status and Future Prospects

Manfred Kircher

Green and Low-Carbon Economy (02/2024)

Bioökonomie im Ballungsraum
Manfred Kircher
in: Nachhaltige Produktion - Impulse für FrankfurtRheinMain
IHK Frankfurt, Regionalverband FrankfurtRheinMain, Wirtschaftsinitiative FrankfurtRhein/Main (2023)

Deutsche Normungsroadmap Circular Economy
Herausgeber DIN, DKE, VDI (2023)

Zirkuläre Bioökonomie - Für eine nachhaltige Wirtschaft
Manfred Kircher
Springer essentials (2023)

Treatment and valorization of bio-waste in the EU

Manfred Kircher, Elisabet Aranda, Panayiotopoulos Athanasios, Ivana Radojcic-Rednovnikov, Martin Romantschuk, Morten Ryberg, Gabi Schock, Stefan Shilev, Michaela Dina Stanescu, Jonita Stankeviciute, Joanna Surmacz-Górska, Argyro Tsipa, Marlen Vasquez, Marianna Villano, Constantinos E. Vorgias,
EFB Bioeconomy Journal, 2023, 100051,
ISSN 2667-0410,

The bioeconomy of waste biorefineries
Manfred Kircher, Thomas Bayer et al.

In: Handbook of Waste Biorefinery: Circular Economy of Renewable Energy, Chapter 44 (eds. Maryany Costa Deprá, Eduardo Jacob-Lopez, Leila Queiroz Zepka) Springer (2022)

ISBN: 978-3-031-06562-0

KBBE: The Knowledge-based Bioeconomy: Concept, Status and Future Prospects

Manfred Kircher, Karl-Heinz Maurer, Dennis Herzberg

EFB Bioeconomy Journal, 2022, 100034,
ISSN 2667-0410,

Bioeconomy of microrganisms

Manfred Kircher

in: The bioeconomy system (eds.. D.Thrän, U. Moesenfechtel)

Springer, 2022.

The bioeconomy needs economic, ecological and social sustainability

Manfred Kircher

[J]. AIMS Environmental Science, 2022, 9(1): 33-50. doi:10.3934/environsci.2022003.

Economic Trends in the Transition into a Circular Bioeconomy 

Manfred Kircher

J. Risk Financial Manag. 2022, 15, 44.

Making Money with Industrial Biotechnology

Manfred Kircher 

Industrial Biotechnology 17(5) published online 15.10.2021

Options for CO2 -neutral production of bulk chemicals

Adam Franz, Manfred Kircher

Journal of Business Chemistry 2021; 18(2) 63-78

DOI: 10.17879/27069427558

The Framework Conditions must be aligned to the Requirements of the Bioeconomy
Manfred Kircher
Bioeconomy Journal (11/2021(1) 10003)

Reducing the Emissions Scope 1-3 in the Chemical Industry

Manfred Kircher
Journal of Business Chemistry (02/2021)18:2-8
DOI: 10.17879/88069570495

Bioeconomy – Present Status and Future Needs of Industrial Value Chains
Manfred Kircher
New Biotechnology (2021) 60:96-104


Challenges and Opportunities 
Kircher, Manfred

In: Rodrigues A. (ed) New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Elsevier (2020) ISBN 978-3-662-61004-6

Bioeconomy: Markets, Implications, and Investment Opportunities

Manfred Kircher

Economies 2019, 7, 73


Since 16.1.2019 Free Online Course

Biobased Products for a Sustainable (Bio)economy

Implementing the Bioeconomy in a Densely Populated and Industrialized Country

Manfred Kircher

Advances in Industrial  Biotechnology (2018) 1:003


Rohstoffwandel braucht Rohstoffeffizienz

Manfred Kircher, Thomas Bayer

CheManager,  Mai 2018


Fundamental biochemical and biotechnological principles of biomass growth and use

Manfred Kircher

in: Introduction to renewable biomaterials (eds. A.S.Ayoub, L.A. Lucia)

Wiley (2018) ISBN 978-1-119-96229-8

How to capture the bioeconomy’s industrial and regional potential through professional cluster management
Manfred Kircher, Roland Breves, Andreas Taden, Dennis Herzberg

New Biotechnology; on-line 3-JUN-2017
DOI information: 10.1016/j.nbt.2017.05.007

Bio-Innovation growth mega-Cluster (BIG-Cluster) pushes cross-border collaboration in developing the Bioeconomy

Press Release 27.6.2017

Bioökonomie: Chancen, Herausforderungen und Konfliktpotentiale

Manfred Kircher

Forum Wirtschaftsethik


Regional Pillars of Competitiveness in Chemurgy and Green Chemistry

Manfred Kircher

in: Peter C.K. Lau (ed)  Quality Living through Chemurgy and Green Chemistry; Spinger (2017)


An interview with Manfred Kircher

Mario Bonaccorso; 08.02.2017


Die Bedeutung der Biotechnologie für die Bioökonomie

Manfred Kircher, Michael Bott, Jan Marienhagen, Uli Schurr

in: Bioökonomie für Einsteiger (ed. Joachim Pietzsch) Springer (2017) 

DOI 10.1007/978-3-662-53763-3


Die Bioökonomie als Kreislauf- und Verbundsystem

Stefanie Bröring, Silvan Berg, Manfred Kircher

in: Bioökonomie für Einsteiger (ed. Joachim Pietzsch) Springer (2017)

DOI 10.1007/978-3-662-53763-3


Kriterien für den Erfolg der Bioökonomie

Stefanie Bröring, Oliver Butkowski, Chad Baum, Manfred Kircher

in: Bioökonomie für Einsteiger (ed. Joachim Pietzsch) Springer (2017)

DOI 10.1007/978-3-662-53763-3


Regional pillars of competitiveness in chemurgy and green chemistry

Manfred Kircher

in: Quality living through chemurgy and green chemistry (ed. Peter C.K. Lau) Springer (2017)

DOI 10.1007/978-3-662-53704-6


Will Berlin be the global capital of the bioeconomy; Interview with Manfred Kircher

Mario Bonaccorso; Renewable Matter Jan-Feb 2016; 58-63



How to link modern agriculture and sustainable industrial production

Manfred Kircher, Joachim Werner Zang, Warde Antonietta da Fonseca-Zang, Wilson Mozena Leandro; AgroEnviron 2015; 153-158

ISBN: 978-9-4619734-0-5

10 Jahre Bioökonomie: Bilanz und Ausblick

Manfred KIrcher; CHEManager 2015, 21:6



G7, Dekarbonisierung und die Bioökonomie

Manfred Kircher; transcript 2015 (21) 3:50-51


Sustainability of biofuels and renewable chemicals production from biomass

Manfred Kircher; Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 2015, 29:26-31


BIG-C: Europe's Industrial Center Pushes Bioeconomy

Manfred Kircher; Going Public - Life Sciences 01-2015; 54


Clusters Serve as Technology as well as Market Radar

Manfred Kircher; Renewable Matter, November 2014, 01:49-50


The Emerging Bioeconomy: Industrial Drivers, Global Impact, and International Strategies
Manfred Kircher; Industrial Biotechnology, February 2014, 10 (1): 11-18 


Biotechnology for the Environment and Sustainability

Manfred Kicher; New Biotechnology; Special section: Biotechnology for the Environment and Sustainability (2014) editorial 


The Transition to a Bio-Economy: Emerging from the Oil Age
Manfred Kircher, Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, July/August 2012, 6(4):369-375

The Transition to a Bio-Economy: National Perspectives

Manfred Kircher, Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining May/June 2012, 6 (3): 240-245 



















Manfred Kirchers Veröffentlichungen diskutieren die Globale und Regionale Bioökonomie aus Technischer, Ökonomischer, Ökologischer, Regulatorischer und Gesellschaftlicher Perspektive. 

Manfred Kircher's publications discuss the Global and Regional Bioeconomy from a Technological, Economical, Ecological, Regulatory and Societal point of view.