Our Services

KADIB offers comprehensive expertise in Industrial Bioeconomy. We provide consultancy in positioning profitable chemical and energy value chains sustainably in your Political, Economical, Societal, Technological, Legislative and Ecological (PESTLE) environment.


KADIB provides advice and moderates decision-making in

  • Analysing the Bioeconomy Potential
  • Designing  Strategic Bioeconomy Concepts
  • Implementing Bioeconomy Strategies
  • focusing on Markets, Technologies, Business Opportunities
  • for Industries, Research Institutes, Governmental Agencies


KADIB works through its unique network of senior experts. 

KADIB is member of CLIB-Cluster (Cluster Industrial Biotechnology) and BioBall (Bioeconomy in Metropolitan Regions).


Industrial Bioeconomy

The Bioeconomy comprises all sectors starting from agro- and silvicultural as well as marine resources (Food, Feed, Fiber). 


Industrial Bioeconomy adds new value chains from Renewable Feedstock (biomass; industrial & municipal side streams) to sustainable Energy Carriers, Chemicals and finally consumer products. It complements and replaces fossil-based value chains. While unfolding the industrial bioeconomy global biomass regions and established industrial clusters explore specific synergistic Infrastructure models. 


Bioeconomy Drivers such as consumer demand for sustainable products, industrial demand for feedstock flexibility and cost-efficient processes as well as societal challenges like climate protection and employment find expression in the political, economical, societal, technological, legislative, and ecological environment and conditions to be considered in Business Options and Strategies