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Based on more than 30 years experience in chemical industry and bioeconomy Manfred Kircher works on regional as well as international bioeconomy strategies. 

His career milestones are biotechnological research and development (Degussa AG, Germany), production (Fermas s.r.o.; Slovakia), venture capital (Burrill & Company; USA) and biotechnology partnering and branding (Evonik Industries AG; Germany).  Delegated by Evonik he chaired till 2012 the Board of the Cluster Industrial Biotechnology (CLIB2021 e.V.; Germany) and developed this association of German and international industries, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), academia and investors to an recognized  organisation for unfolding bioeconomical value chains. Since 2014 he chairs the Advisory Board of CLIB-Cluster (www.clib2021.de) and since 2019 he is Member of the Board of the Association "Bioeconomy in Metropolitan Regions". 

Manfred Kircher publishes regularly about bioeconomy topics and is a highly regarded advisor and speaker. Currently he is active with BIG-C, the joint bioeconomy initiative of Flanders, The Netherlands and North-Rhine Westfalia in an coordinated approach to improve bioeconomical competitiveness. 
Manfred Kircher has been appointed to the Advisory Board of young companies and steering committees of international bioeconomy programs. He has been certified as a bio-economy expert by the EU-Commission. Manfred Kircher is biologist by training (Goethe-University; Frankfurt, Germany).



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